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See, I started this blog a few weeks ago and did nothing with it 😂😂😂 I'm going to do better, I promise.

As a peace offering, I have tax news!!!

The IRS has announced that everyone can now write off PPE on their taxes this year! So if you had to buy face masks, hand sanitizer, and/or sanitizing wipes. You are also eligible for compensation for these expenses under an HSA, Archer MSA, FSA, and HRA. To qualify for this tax break, you had to have purchased these things after January 2020.

For my business owners:

Q1 is coming to a close! Have you reached your goals? Did you hit your KPIs? It's time to pay your quarterly taxes! March 31st is the end of the quarter, so don't forget to hit up your CPA to ensure your affairs are in order!

If you got your PPP money, the forgiveness process is not expected to roll out until July. If you have not received your PPP, you have until May 31st to apply!

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