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4 Reasons People May Not be Taking Your Business Seriously.

I am so blessed and humbled to have been able to work with over 100+ businesses since I've started my company a couple years ago. As I worked with other entrepreneurs, there were several concerns regarding getting clients and getting their business off the ground.

You may be trying hard and doing all the right things. You may be needing a boost, but instead it feels like you are being disregarded. I understand. There was a point in my journey where I fell into the same mode. However, once I adjusted myself and my business habits, I was able to land more quality clients.

Here are 5 reasons people may not be taking your business seriously.

1. Your email ends with an @aol, @gmail etc.

Professionalism goes a long way. Nothing screams 'I am serious about my business' more than having a professional email. Solution: Purchasing a domain name for your business and creating a professional email will help others to take your business more seriously.

2. Your business do not have a website.

The first web page on the internet went live on August 6, 1991. Presently we are in the year of 2019. In this digital age, your business cannot afford to not have a website. Companies have made it very easy to DIY. You can also hire a professional -- me :), to create one that will reflect your business well. Each day you do not capitalize on gaining business visibility on the web, the more potential prospects, impact and/or money your business will lose. No one likes to lose. Solution: Get a website

3. You are doing too much

It is great to have several sources of income. However, when promoting it online, it is best to have these channels separated. Imagine promoting that you are a web developer, who sells on Ebay, who is a part time mechanic etc... Quite frankly, this may confuse your customers because you are selling different products to different target audiences all on the same platform. If you are promoting all of your skills on the same website and social media platforms, people may not think that you are expert enough to work with. Solution: Focus. Separate your business pages and post relevant content on each.

4. You say you love what you do but you don't promote or market it

Action speaks louder than words. When you tell someone that your skill is a passion of yours, they will more than likely check you out on the net first, to see how credible you are. If there are no signs of promoting (which could simply be showing your work, behind the scenes view, testimonials, having a website etc.) people may not think you take your business seriously. They will then derive that this is not a serious establishment and may take their business else were. Solution: Promote. Show your work, have people speak about your services, have a website etc.

Using these tips can change how others perceive your brand or business dramatically. If you would like to receive blogs directly to your email, please subscribe below.

Your Marketing Enthusiast, Seantal

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