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4 Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is quite an adventure. I have had many great experiences, both good and bad, and I am grateful for them all. All experiences has led to me being the person I am today (which is pretty AWESOME). Today I will be sharing my top four.

1. Sometimes an idea + the ability to learn, is all you need to get started

I remember when I had this grand idea to start my own business. The only problem was, I had no money, I lacked the experience and I lacked direction. All I had in my tank was the great idea and the ability to learn quickly. It is cool to know that within the 3 years of me practicing this habit, I have been awarded many opportunities! I now possess a skill I did not originally have. Do not let the lack of resources or the lack of experience prevent you from chasing your dreams. One of your most powerful weapon is your mind. If you commit to learning + executing what you have learned -- you can achieve great things.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

2. Go for it ... again

Every entrepreneur go through phases. You will have moments where you feel unstoppable. Other times, you may feel like giving up. However, when you feel like you are on the edge, do not give up. Go for it again. I once read a quote that states:

"The difference between a person who is successful and one who is not, is -- one decided to quit."

Imagine that being the only difference. I almost gave up on my dream once, I thought maybe working for someone else is just easier. However, that was not God's plan for me and I am glad I committed to the dream!

3. Go as far as you can, then stretch even further

I have been stretched in many ways during this journey. My most rewarding moments however, were the times where I overexerted myself. I challenged myself in many ways. My stretching consisted of me accepting difficult projects, developing a skill, facing a fear and so much more. You can never encounter your full potential unless you are willing to stretch yourself. Stretching may seem scary, but it is necessary for growth.

4. Resilience is as important as audacity

Entrepreneurship will have you developing muscles you didn't know you possess. Being resilient is going to play a huge part in your journey. You will have to possess the ability to bounce back quickly. Being audacious is going to be as important as being resilient. You have to be bold to go after what you want. Audacity may consist of you being bold in stating your price, going after the connection and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations (things outside of your element), and much more. When you are audacious, you will have to prepare yourself to receive a 'no' sometimes, and this is where resilience comes in. I have learned that both attributes work well together. I have been able to achieve more when I exercised those traits.

Entrepreneurship has taught me a lot more that any job I have been apart of. I have experienced the most development after deciding to take this path. Entrepreneurship is a great adventure. Enjoy all of the good as well imperfections of the journey. It is worth it!

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