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One of the biggest obstacles to building and maintaining good credit is not managing your money correctly. If I asked you right now to show me your budget, could you? If not, no worries! The links below can be used to create savings plans for things like a wedding or a car and even a short monthly expense budget. If you want to go into more detail with your finances and would like a comprehensive financial analysis, including a shiny new budget, click here to schedule!

Click the links below to get started on your good money management plans!

3 Minute Financial Plan
A brief view of your monthly income and expenses

Credit Card Repayment Calculator
Let's look at how long it'll take you to pay off that big purchase on your credit card

Emergency Fund Calculator
Want to set up an emergency fund? Let's calculate how long it'll take to save it

Loan Repayment Calculator
Thinking about a debt consolidation loan? Let's calculate your monthly payments and how long it'll take to pay off

Net Worth Calculator
How much are you worth? Let's find out

Personal Loan Calculator
Thinking about getting a personal loan to pay off your credit cards? Let's see if that's the best option for you

Retirement Planner
Want to start planning for retirement? Let's calculate what you need to be saving to live comfortably in your golden years

Wedding Cost Planner
Is that wedding bells I hear? Let's see just how much you'll have to save for your dream wedding

Car Loan Calculator
Thinking about getting a new car? Let's run the numbers!


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