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Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your services?

Click here to visit my become a client page where that question is answered.


Where can I get my reports for free?

Click here to order your credit report without the scores.


What credit monitoring do you suggest?

Click here to visit my credit monitoring page where that question is answered.


What is considered a good credit score?

Different lenders have different requirements and use different scores. Find out what that particular lender's requirements are.


How long will I be locked into a contract?

You have the right to cancel your credit repair services at any time


What is the average time a client is with you?

The average client is with me between 6 and 9 months.

*please note: every credit profile is different, so the repair timeframe could be as well.


Do you do consultations?

A consultation is not required to become a client.


I do offer a service known as the Individual Credit Audit or Couple's Credit Audit. Click here to schedule an audit


Is credit repair legal?

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, every consumer has the right to dispute inaccurate information reporting to their credit profile. As long as the business providing the service is CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act) compliant, paid credit repair is legal.

*in the state of GA, for profit credit repair services is considered illegal unless the business providing the service is at least 1 (one) of the following:

+real estate broker


+non-profit organization

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