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Financial Counseling Program

Your dreams deserve financial strategies that work as hard as you do.

Mindset + Money Management

Blending mindset with money management, my financial counseling framework dives deep into your financial goals and beliefs about wealth. By uniting psychological insights with solid financial strategies, I aim to empower you to confidently navigate your financial journey.

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Accountability + Community.

Want to supercharge your financial journey? Get on the waitlist for special access to my financial accountability group, The Dollars & Sense Society. Dive into a community where we lift each other up, ensuring every member stays laser-focused on their goals. Beyond counseling, it's a shared dedication to achieving financial milestones together.

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Inspiration + Education

Using real-world experiences and proven methods, I simplify complex financial topics into easily digestible lessons. Whether for seasoned professionals or teenagers, my talks aim to inspire, reshape perspectives, and arm attendees with the tools for a confident financial journey. 


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  • What is financial counseling?
    Financial counseling provides guidance on managing personal finances, from debt reduction to savings strategies, ensuring you're on the right track to meet your financial goals. Through a personalized process, I work closely with you to inspire a mindset shift that fuels positive change in behaviors. This transformative approach empowers my clients on their journey to financial wellness.
  • Do you still offer credit repair services?
    Credit counseling services are integrated into our financial counseling sessions. While I'll equip you with strategy, support, and the essential tools to navigate your credit, it's vital to understand that a significant portion of the work falls on you. The client's active participation and commitment are crucial in this process. Together, we'll collaborate to build a better credit future.
  • Who can benefit from financial counseling?
    Whether you're just starting out, facing financial difficulties, or simply want to optimize your finances, my services cater to individuals at all financial stages.
  • How is this service different from hiring a financial planner or advisor?
    While financial planners primarily focus on investments and long-term financial planning, our counseling services address immediate financial challenges, behaviors, and provide education to empower you to make informed decisions.
  • How does the accountability group work?
    Our accountability group is structured as a dynamic 12-week program where each week, we zero in on a fresh topic or step related to financial wellness. The aim? To collaboratively master that step together as a community. Throughout the program, we not only provide information but dive deep into reshaping your thoughts and perceptions about money. With engaging activities, thought-provoking challenges, robust discussions, and more, members are encouraged to challenge their preconceptions and adopt healthier financial habits. This methodical approach empowers every member to make wiser financial decisions, ultimately steering them towards taking command of their finances and paving the way for a brighter financial future.
  • How long are the counseling sessions?
    Typical sessions last about an hour, but can vary based on individual needs.
  • What's the cost of the counseling sessions?
    My fees vary depending on the services needed. I recommend viewing my booking page for detailed pricing.
  • Are there any long-term commitments?
    My services are flexible. While some opt for ongoing support, others might need just a few sessions to get on track. Choose what fits best for you!

Are you ready to take your financial future in your own hands?

My financial counseling services are designed to educate, inspire, and empower you to take control of your financial future through engaging activities, interactive lessons, + so much more.

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