About The Money Plug

As The Money Plug™️, my mission is and always will be to educate. I am passionate about shortening the wealth gap in black and brown communities and the only way to do that is to TEACH. This is a NO JUDGMENT ZONE. I am here to inspire change, not demean you for the mistakes you made. Just know you are NOT alone, and it is NEVER too late!

Using modern technology, trending social media sites, and popular music and dances, I educate people on how to properly manage your money, build your credit, how to manage your credit, how to repair your credit, and how to leverage that credit for better opportunities. 

Don't have the time or the patience to do it yourself? You can also hire me to fix your credit for you!

This is more than just a business for me, I genuinely love seeing people accomplish their goals and reach levels of success they never thought they would touch. Allow me to plug you in.