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About The Money Plug

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Who Is The Money Plug?

Markia Brown is a Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ ,  Credit Literacy Educator, and Finfluencer who teaches young adults how to achieve financial wellness and improve their quality of life.


With over 200,000 followers on Tik Tok, Markia demonstrates an ability to educate, inspire, and communicate with all ages, especially Millennials and Gen Z, through relatable and easily digestible user-generated financial literacy content.


Due to her entertaining and relatable content, Markia was selected for Tik Tok's program for black creators, known as Black Tik Tok. Markia recently graduated from WPP's 2022 NextGen Leaders Cohort. She has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, MoneyGeek, Best Colleges, and several other publications. She has also been a guest for WJZY's Queen City News Station.

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